Coritanian is a private investment firm and a growth consultant for select clients.

SMB buyouts, delivering continuity for PNW businesses

Helping small businesses build on great foundations or navigate tough times


I am a seasoned operator of successful engineering and manufacturing organizations in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Construction Equipment sectors in both the UK and the US. Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered substantial growth and created significant shareholder value.

As a demanding yet empathetic leader, I excel at establishing and communicating a clear vision to drive business success. I have a proven track record of coaching teams to make strategic moves that result in growth and financial achievements.

Driving revenue growth is one of my key strengths, and I achieve this through effective sales leadership. I place equal emphasis on executing structured daily pipelines and establishing strategic agreements to maximize gains.

Additionally, my communication skills are a valuable asset. I can effectively engage and articulate ideas, whether on the factory floor or in discussions with customers. This versatility allows me to connect with diverse audiences and foster strong relationships. 


The Coritani

The Coritani were a group of Celtic tribes that lived in the English East Midlands during the Iron Age and Roman periods. 

The Coritani are known for being one of the most populous and powerful tribes in pre-Roman Britain, and for their strategic location along important trade routes between the Midlands and the East coast. Additionally, the Coritani were known to have a strong connection to the land, with many of their settlements located in areas that are still associated with agriculture today. They maintained their distinct identity despite being influenced by Roman culture and technology after the Roman conquest of Britain.